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Leasing Procedures


Prepare the following documents


  • 帶有相片的身份證明文件 (如護照、駕駛執照、永久性居民身份證)
  • 聯絡方式(手提電話和電郵地址)
  • 工作信 / 入學信
  • 訂金(一般都是頭一尾一兩個月的租金)
  • 12張支票(十張期票交租金,一張交鑰匙押金、一張預約搬運電梯)

Utilities & Services Not Included in Rent Price

  • Hydro (Electricity): almost all properties does not including hydro costs in rent price. This is based on your usage
  • Water: some condo buildings will include water in rent price. Newer buildings will have separate metre for water.
  • Heat & CAC: Although most condo buildings includes Heat & Air Conditioning, but it's only to the furnace system. You still have to pay for the hydro cost to turn on the furnace system to push the air out to every rooms. Houses & Townhouses are not included in rent.
  • Internet Service: is based on your choice of which provider you would like to use.
  • Tenant Insurance: Living in a rental apartment or condo, the stuff you put inside it is what makes it your home. The landlord’s policy doesn’t offer tenants contents insurance or personal liability insurance for renters. That’s why you want to protect what you own with a renters insurance coverage in case something happens. Tenant insurance also includes personal liability, an important coverage for any renter to have. Most landlords require tenant to have at lease $1 million dollars liability coverage during your lease term and to provide policy binder before getting the keys.


  • 電費(Hydro):目前多倫多只有少數公寓是包含電費的,一般都不包括在租金內。租期開始前必需拿到開啟賬號證明。
  • 水費:目前多倫多還有大部份公寓是包含水費的。沒有的公寓必需在租期開始前拿到開啟賬號證明。
  • 冷暖氣:公寓有中央空調到每戶的空調機。但是開啟這個空調機的電費需要租客自付的。
  • 電話和上網服務:租客可自行選擇上網和電話服務的公司和月費計劃。
  • 租客保險:房東的房屋保險不會保障租客的財物和人身安全。租客必須自行購買租客保險,並在租期開始前拿到保險證明。一般保額最少要有$100萬。